Siyasi Coğrafya (Political Geography)

          1. Course Description: In this course, we will be investigating the gray areas where philosophy and political geography intersect. We will start from the times when the first world maps were produced and we will be examining the relations between politics, space, and culture. The main aim is to realize that space is not something given and taken for granted rather it is a political construct and it is questionable.

            Course Content

            Our Course reader is  COMPANION TO POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY BY  John Agnew  ve Gerard Toal , 2003, Blackwell.

            See the link: Companion to Political Geography

            You may use as an extra source Political Geography: World Economy, Nation State, Locality, by Colin Flint and Peter Taylor , is available at Marmara Library.

            The Turkish translation is also available : Siyasi Coğrafya: Dünya Ekonomisi, Ulus devlet ve Yerellik. Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık (2017)

            The Students have to pass one midterm %40 and one Final exam % 60
            The midterm and the final exam will be graded depending on a short oral presentation by each student. Each student will choose a specific chapter from the course book. We will first start with the concepts and basic discussions. The  coursebook discusses the dynamics of the capitalist world-economy and the constant tension between the global scale of economic processes and the territorialization of politics in the current context of geopolitical change. The chapters have been updated with  examples – sections on art and war, intimate geopolitics and geopolitical constructs reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the academic study of the subject. The book offers a framework to help students make their own judgements of how we got where we are today, and what may or should be done about it.

            Course Thematics:
            1.Approach to political geography:
            Ancient Greek Conceptions of the Earth
            Maps of the World
            What is Political Geography?
            Political Geography and World System Theory

          1.  Modes of Thinking:USA Frontier Hypothesis, and Russian Example, Radical geography
          1. Contested Concepts:  Territory, Power, Boundaries, Scale, Place and Clashing Cartographies 
          1. Critical geopolitics and Critical Geography
            States, Territory and Identity
          1. Geography of Political and Social Movements
            Geography of Rebellion
          1. Geography of Environmental Politics


          1. Workshop Slides: Workshop 1: BASIC CONCEPTS; Workshop 2: LOCALITY; Workshop 3: NATIONALISM and IDENTITY

Not ve Değerlendirme

Vize %40
Final %60