Lectures: Fridays 2.oo-4.30 pm at BTO  101

Instructor: Ass. Prof. Dr. Sezgi Durgun Özkan   

The Seminar in Political Science and International Relations is a graduate course which assists students in mastering qualitative methods in social sciences and developing their academic research projects.  Throughout the seminar, students will be doing extensive research on their respective topics, as well as conduct a research project. At the end of  the semester students are expected to present their findings in a Graduate Student Workshop (presumably organized by MURCIR).

Attendance and Participation

This is a graduate course which requires active and practical study and research.  We will meet every two weeks. Each student will determine one’s own methodology and expected to share the progress of their work in class. Hence students will find the chance to confer with other colleagues and take advice from the instructor.


Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and will under no circumstances be tolerated. Students who accidentally or intentionally plagiarize their written work will not only fail the course, but also face disciplinary action.

Topic and Textbook

To mark its 75th anniversary in 2020, the United Nations has launched the global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the “future”. See Survey by this link

In this course Students are expected to pick up a text/video/material from this link: and analyse it by using one of paths that was introduced  by the book  Social Research Methods (Neumann)

Students will investigate a number of links, books , texts and websites, which should be followed by students on a regular basis. Students are individually responsible for their own research project.

Grading and Written Assignments

Students will receive a passing grade upon the submission of their RESEARCH PROPOSAL  %40, and presentation of the original research report  at the STUDENT WORKSHOP %60

Research proposal (RP): Students should write 2-3 pages of a proposal, outlining their forthcoming research paper which they will present in class and deliver in written form at the end of the semester. The proposal should include very specific details, such as the title, methodology, scope, limitations, etc, of the forthcoming paper as well as a tentative bibliography (not less than a total of 10 academic books or journal articles of scholarly nature).

Check out this link on How to write the RP

Check out this link on how to work with variables

Research report: Students should submit 15 pages of an original research report on a selected topic at the end of the semester. The draft form of this paper will be presented in worshop to enable and encourage students to get scholarly feedback from their peers (classmates). The final research paper should include a full bibliography (not less than a total of 30 academic books or journal articles of scholarly nature).

Note that all students should follow Chicago standard citation styles,. All written assignments should be coherent in terms of the citation rules they apply (footnotes, endnotes etc.).