Methodology of Political Science and IR

This is a combined course on Methodology of Political Science and International relations. It examines case studies, regional studies, theoretical studies on political science and international relations.

This course will cover the methodological discussions  in social sciences and guide students in their way to develop their own academic research projects.  Throughout the seminar, students will be doing extensive research on their respective topics, as well as conduct a research project. At the end of  the semester students are expected to present (online) their findings in a Graduate Student Workshop.

Attendance and Participation
The course will be online and the videos will be uploaded to UES system. You are expected to attend the classes online on time, unless you have a significant excuse.


Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and will under no circumstances be tolerated. Students who accidentally or intentionally plagiarize their written work will not only fail the course, but also face disciplinary action.

Our Main soruces are:

1)John Gerring (2012) Social Science Methodology: A Unified Framework, 2nd edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Gerring’s book presents us the theoretical standpoints and the meta-language of social debates in the philosophy of social science.

2)Woons & Weier (2017) Critical Epistemologies of Global Politics

Woons ad Weier’s work presents us how these theoretical frameworks are utilized in case studies.

How to analyse the Woons& Weier Book chapters? Here is the framework for analysis:

  1. What are the main concepts?
  2. What is the main argument?
  3. What is the method for data collection? (archive, field-work, survey)
  4. Conclusions?
  5. The main axis of discussion?


You will choose one chapter from each book to present in class. (Midterm grade %40)

You will develop your own reserach proposal and present it at the Workshop at the end of the semester (Final grade %60)

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